The Pottery

My pots are made on the potter’s wheel, or built from thin slabs of clay that I roll by hand. When a form is complete, I paint a thin layer of colored clay over the original porcelain, and carve through the layers to achieve a block print-like design, each an original carved drawing. I then glaze and fire them in my electric kiln at the studio. Some of the work I fire with wood, which is an exciting and labor intensive process in which we stoke the kiln for many hours, using a cord or more of wood. Photographer Ben Barnhart put together a great audio/slide show of the process that can be seen here.

I put time and care - love really, into each piece, and though I make similar objects over and over, shapes and images are always evolving. For my narrative carvings and glaze patterns, I draw inspiration from human and natural relationships, stories, poems and this mysterious world in which we live. Aesthetic influences include printmaking (where it all began), early American quilts, plants, insects and animals and New England life.

All of the pots coming out of my studio are food safe, and can be safely put in the microwave and dishwasher