A printmaker’s daughter, I began my artistic life creating imagery through drawing, painting and print. When I discovered pottery making, it was a revelation! My New Englander’s practicality and my artistic aesthetic could finally be reconciled in the realm of functional art. Since then I’ve studied potting in several places, including Haystack and Penland schools of craft, and earned my BFA in ceramics from Mass College of Art.

So for almost 20 years now, I’ve been a full time ceramic artist, running a studio, gallery, and educational programs, creating what I think of as “production art pottery”. I put time and care - love really, into each piece, and though I make similar objects over and over, shapes and images are always evolving. For my narrative carvings and glaze patterns, I draw inspiration from human and natural relationships, stories, poems and this mysterious world in which we live. Aesthetic influences include printmaking (where it all began), early American quilts, plants, insects and animals and New England life.

As a maker of functional objects, one of my primary goals is to create useful, well designed things that reflect my delight in the beauty of the world around us. I hope to bring this delight, and a human connection into the lives of you, the people who see and use my pots.

Gathering and lingering around the table, sharing food, community and conversation have become precious acts in our fast paced world. I like to imagine my work playing a small part in these precious acts.